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Sex Buyer  Accountability  Diversion  Course

Available online 24/7, courts nationwide can now appoint individuals a course to educate sex buyers about their participation in the sex trafficking crisis. Created and presented by survivors, law enforcement, and national leaders in the anti-trafficking movement, each interactive learning module is designed to hold buyers accountable while also helping them learn new behaviors.
"It is important for survivors of sex trafficking to feel they are receiving some type of justice when buyers are court-ordered classes. The content they learn must be vetted."

Sex Trafficking Survivor

"We know we are not catching these guys their first or even 10th time buying. If the courts are are going to mandate they take a class over jail time, we have to make sure the content does the job. JaneSchool is the first online to do so."

Vice Crimes

Designed by Survivors & Law Enforcement

Holding Sex Buyers Accountable for Creating the Demand for Sex Trafficking Victims

Courts can now be assured that adequate online re-education is available for sex buyers found in their community. Easily accessible and affordably priced, our programming leaves no excuses for not completing the course.

 Benefits  of Our Online Courses

JaneSchool is not designed to replace traditional in-person John School programs, but rather to fill the gaps. These programs have been cost and location-prohibitive for many communities, and current online options lack appropriate curriculum or in many cases, facts.

  Designed by Survivors & Experts

Unlike other online "John schools," our course is designed to focus on the harm caused to victims of sex trafficking and society with buyers participating in the prostitution cycle. Language and content are trauma-informed, constantly updated, and work to answer victims' needs for restorative justice.


  Reviewable Curriculum

Courts considering appointing our programming to sex buyers may review 100% of our curriculum. Unlike traditional online court class providers, our course is not a generic mental health or behavior modification course. It is specifically designed to re-educate sex buyers and reduce demand for victims. Furthermore, we include six months of accountability follow-ups and reports to the student's court or attorney.


  Interactive Courses

The course content engages with a visual/audio format for easy and quick learner understanding. Each module contains a video lesson, supporting materials, comprehensive assignments, and quizzes. Our course is designed to ensure the learner must engage to receive credit and will walk away with an understanding of how their actions affect victims and society.


  24/7 Availability

The educational material of the course is available 24/7 and can be completed anywhere, at any time, and on most devices. This includes the interactive elements of the system, such as video lessons, worksheets, quizzes, and forums. Set up similarly to an online university course; the learner can complete the course at their own pace as long as they adhere to their assigned syllabus dates to meet their court timeline.


  ID Verification

The course and final exam are available 24/7 - We have teamed with one of the world's leading online identity verification services, which works with universities and corporations nationwide. Aside from the initial identity verification, we use a combination of AI technology and randomized audits to ensure that the individual taking the online course is the person mandated to do so.


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